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Fast - Internet 200

WOW - Columbus GA - Internet




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Faster - Internet 500

WOW - Columbus GA - Internet




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Fastest - 1 GIG Internet

WOW - Columbus GA - Internet




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At WOW! Customer Winning Customer-Service is Most Important to Us.

I've been a WOW customer since WOW came into our area and has always been reliable and has always taken care of me if I had any issues with my service."

- Lawrence, Cleveland

"We've been a customer for the past couple of years. Absolutely no complaints. It works, and we're happy."

- Orson, Illinois

"As a senior, I have lived in the Chicago area all of my life. I have used ALL of the cable companies. WOW gives me more than any of the others. Your 24-hour customer service, cannot be beat. Your service is better than all of them."

- Penelope, Illinois

"WOW! is a large company, however, it feels like a small mom and pop shop where customers matter. Good job WOW!. My customer service representative listened to my concern and quickly got to the root of the issue."

- Edgar, Pinellas, Florida

Whole-Home WiFi

Pair our fastest Internet with Whole-Home WiFi for as little as $9.99/mo to complete your WiFi experience

Seamless WiFi Coverage: exclusive TrueMesh technology calculates the best path from your devices to the Internet, bringing powerful WiFi to every corner of your home

Real-Time Updates: download the eero app to monitor your network speed, set parental controls, view device usage and more

Advanced Security: your information is always secure with eero's industry-leading encryption and security protocols that detect and eliminate network vulnerability

Continuous Improvement: only eero changes to fit your needs over time with automatic software updates that deliver new, cutting-edge features to improve network performance

Any plan you choose comes with WOW!’s award-winning customer service.

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