We're WOW! Coming Soon to Northfield!

We love to share so we are taking this opportunity to share information on all of our products and services.

We want to ensure you are fully prepared to make the switch from ordinary to extraordinary as soon as your home is ready for the WOW! experience. 

For questions about construction please email wowisbuildingachoice@wowinc.com.

WOW! Internet

Fast internet to meet your needs.
  • 100Mbps: 1-3 users, multiple devices.
  • 500Mbps: Over 3-5 users, lots of devices
  • 1000Mbps: Unlimited users and devices

WOW! Cable

TV sized for what you want to watch.
  • Small Cable: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, local news, events and sports.
  • Medium Cable: Includes everything in Small plus channels like ESPN, AMC, CNN, Disney and many more.
  • Large Cable: Includes everything Small and Medium plus channels like Nat Geo Wild, NFL Network and more.
  • ULTRA, a whole-home DVR Solution: Access to all your shows, sports, movies and events on all your screens.

WOW! Phone

Keep your number, unlimited calling, call waiting, caller ID and more.
  • An extra level of safety and security if you ever have to call 911.
  • Excellent voice quality.
  • Connectivity to security systems and fax machines often requiring a landline phone.
  • Service for those who prefer a home phone over a cell phone.

Whole-Home WiFi

Fast Internet for every corner of your home.

No slow zones. No dead zones. Just WOW! zones.

WOW! Whole-Home WiFi, powered by eero, brings powerful, reliable Internet to every nook and cranny of your home. We’re talking upstairs and downstairs, bedrooms and basements, inside and outside.